Ron Shepherd Jan. 21, 2016

Hazardous weather conditions can be dangerous for those who ignore signs of rain, snow, and ice. Being prepared for these conditions decreases the possibility of accidents. Here are some winter driving tips to help you avoid auto accidents and auto injuries in Idaho.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Keep gas tanks half full at all times. Full tanks reduce the chance of freezing, and provide for an easier start up.

  • Watch weather reports and plan ahead. Being prepared for hazardous conditions can decrease the risk of driving. Planning for more time to travel places reduces the danger of rushing from place to place, and allows for reduced speed and safe driving.

  • Keep an emergency set of chains. Chains can be good in heavy snow, and can reduce sliding when needed.

  • Clear exhaust before starting the car. Exhausts that are blocked by ice or snow can increase carbon monoxide dangers. Clearing the exhaust before starting the car ensures a safe environment for driving.

  • When possible, try to avoid coming to a complete stop. Accelerating from a stopped position is tough for cars in snow and ice. Maintaining momentum provides better acceleration.

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly. It takes longer to accelerate and decelerate while driving because tires lose traction.

  • Wait a little longer at stop signs and stop lights.Other drivers may be sliding into the intersection. Waiting a couple of seconds longer and looking both ways before proceeding, can decrease the chance of getting hit by another driver that lost control.

  • Be aware of ice patches. Ice can form in shaded areas, and might take longer to melt away.

  • Weight down the back-end of trucks. Trucks have a poor weight distribution and can cause drifting or sliding. Adding sand bags or other weight balances out the weight of the vehicle and provides better traction.

By following these winter driving tips, you can drive a little more safe on those dangerous winter Idaho roads!

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