ron shepherd

“i come from a family of everyday, hardworking people, just like those I seek to protect and empower through my practice.”

Ron knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue a profession centered around helping others. Of course, there are many ways to be of service, yet Ron chose to apply for law school so he'd have the power to challenge the status quo and improve society as a whole. 

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Guiding You Back to Health, No Matter the Circumstance

Personal Injury

When another person’s actions cause you harm, you may have the right to file a lawsuit and recover compensation.
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Wrongful Death

If you lost a friend or family member before their time, we will strive to ensure that those at fault pay the price.
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Car Accidents

Though car accidents happen frequently, those involving bodily harm are best handled by an experienced attorney.
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Motorcycle Accidents

The time it takes to recover from a motorcycle accident can be extensive. Fight to secure what you need to heal.
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Drunk Driving Accidents

While a criminal case may punish the drunk driver, you must secure your financial compensation through a civil lawsuit.
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Family Law

When you're going through a divorce or trying to establish a fair arrangement for child custody, child support, or alimony, we're here to help.
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The law was created to shelter you from harm.
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I’ve seen cases begin by blaming the victim, but the facts cannot go uncovered for long. The justice system was specifically designed to illuminate the truth.
ron shepherd

Occasionally, clients confess to us that they have been blamed for their own injuries. Sometimes, they have been made to believe that no one will listen and take their side, but that is simply untrue.

We once represented a young couple who had lost their newborn baby in a car accident after another driver hit them. The prosecutor initially wanted to charge the father with manslaughter, when he was actually the victim. Though we were up against a fight, we had him acquitted in the end. The same can happen to you. Do not lose hope — trial was created to determine who’s really at fault. 

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Though there are many ways to resolve a personal injury case, the end goals are the same — finance the healing process, regain your health, and obtain the foundation needed to live a joyful life from there on out.

While your happiness may be influenced by many factors, you will likely feel best if you can rectify the injustice you wrongfully endured and receive the monetary support needed to enjoy a worry-free existence. Watch this short video to discover how the process of securing such benefits works, then contact us to get started.