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Have You or a Family Member Been Hurt in an Automobile Accident?

car.jpgIf you’re searching for a car accident attorney, there’s a good chance you’ve been having a difficult time working with the other party’s insurance company.  While insurance companies are there to cover their drivers in cases of collisions, they are still businesses who generally seek to cut costs in whatever way possible.  To them, you are just a number in a billion-dollar industry.  Their job is to minimalize your injury, getting you much less than you deserve or even attempt to deny a valid claim entirely.  If you or a family member has been injured in an accident, contact personal injury attorney Ron Shepherd today.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Idaho

How to Know If the Insurance Company’s Proposal Is Fair

A comprehensive insurance payout takes many factors into account. First, quantitative damages, such as hospital bills and wages lost from time off work are appraised. These types of losses are relatively easy to estimate, but it is often a bit more challenging to know how long you might need rehabilitative care, such as physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, and what the total cost of those services might be. Putting a price tag on your pain and suffering is even more ambiguous and requires a professional trained in the nature of such calculations. 

As you can imagine, many insurance companies do not look at the collective consequences of an accident before making a settlement offer. Often, they merely consider your immediate medical treatment and vehicle repairs without addressing your future needs and care. Most are not concerned with compensating you for your distress at all. Fortunately, an experienced car accident attorney can assist you in calculating a reasonable offer. 

An Offer Shouldn’t Be Trusted Blindly

Do Your Own Investigation

Handling the Negotiation Process with Ease 

Even if you were able to accurately estimate the total cost of your medical treatment, physical pain, and emotional anguish, it’s unlikely that you would be able to successfully make a deal with the insurance company on your own. These companies are known for claiming to have policy limits and settlements that aren’t negotiable, but our experience has taught us better. We have extensive training in negotiation tactics and years of practice arranging successful agreements with insurance companies.  

Partnering with a Firm That Can Help You Along the Way

Working with a trusted car accident firm, such as our own, can guide you to a smoother financial, physical, and emotional recovery. Here at Shep Law Group, we have over 15 years of experience advocating for victims in your shoes. We can assist you in both filing a claim and negotiating a fair offer, in or out of trial.

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While you may have navigated numerous car accidents on your own in the past, those that involve bodily harm should be handled by a trusted attorney. Secure quality representation for your car, truck, bus, bike, or motorcycle accident by reaching out to our firm today. Consultations are free of charge, and cases are worked on contingency. This means you will not be billed unless we recover financial compensation on your behalf.