$9,025,730 Judgment for Mail Fraud/RICO Violations &
Securities Fraud

Case Details

The client purchased over 100 acres for over $3 million in Idaho from an investment company.  The client was led to believe the purchase was an investment with a guaranteed return on investment.  The investment was the client’s retirement funds.  The seller duped the client and ultimately client ended up with nothing but the real estate that was worth approximately $1,000,000.  The firm sued in federal court and ultimately obtained a judgment for the client against the seller for $9,025,730 for mail fraud, RICO violations and securities fraud, among other things.

$1,500,000 Settlement in Wrongful Death -Car Accident

Case Details

Shep Law Group negotiated a $1.5 million settlement in a wrongful death claim in a tragic truck accident. While traveling northbound on Highway 95 a vehicle occupied by an elderly couple was struck head on by an eighteen-wheeled tractor-trailer truck traveling southbound that crossed over the center line and struck their vehicle head-on.

$385,000 Settlement for Head-On Collision on Eagle Rd in Meridian

Case Details

Client was heading to work on snow covered road traveling northbound on Eagle Road in Meridian when a pickup truck traveling southbound lost control, jumped the median, and struck client head on.  Client suffered multiple leg fractures and a crushed foot, among other injuries.  Case was complicated because client was driving on suspended license and had marijuana in his system.

$125,000 Settlement in High Speed Rear‑End Collision

Case Details

Client was operating his vehicle when he slowed to turn and was struck from behind by another vehicle.  Client was sore, but was able to continue to his work appointment immediately after the accident.  He subsequently sought medical treatment for pain in his shoulder and knee.  He learned he had suffered a torn rotator cuff and aggravated a previous knee injury.  Case settled for $125,000, which was $25,000 over the amount of insurance that was available.

$110,000 Settlement in Vehicle & Motorcycle Accident


Client was operating his motorcycle when a vehicle pulled out in front of him at a stop sign.  Based on one eyewitness’ statement, law enforcement concluded client was speeding in excess of 25 MPH over the speed limit, so client was cited for reckless driving.  The other driver was not cited.  Client was badly injured in the accident.  Despite client being cited for reckless driving, the firm filed a lawsuit and was able to negotiation a settlement of $110,000, which was $10,000 over the insurance available from the other driver.

Settlement in Vehicle & Pedestrian Accident

Case Details

Client was on a jobsite when a vehicle came to that location and struck client at a very low speed knocking client to the ground.  Client initially felt pain but did not immediately go to the hospital.  Client was later diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff which required surgery.  After ongoing negotiations with the driver’s insurance company and the vehicle owner’s insurance company, the firm successfully negotiated a sizeable settlement with both.

$50,000 Settlement for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Low Impact Collision

Case Details

Client was stopped at stop sign when a driver behind her started to slow but could not stop completely because of slick road.  The collision was minor and there was no initial apparent injury.  Client drove vehicle home. Client subsequently realized she was experiencing serious emotional and cognitive changes.  Client was referred to a neuropsychologist where she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury.  Prior to filing lawsuit insurance offered $16,640.  The firm is particularly proud of this result because client was a very nice lady who was injured in a way that is very difficult to prove.