Bicycle Accidents

Who is at Fault-the Bike or the Car?

Nearly every state within the U.S. classifies a bicycle as a “vehicle.” Consequently, cyclists must follow the rules and regulations of the road, much the same as motor-vehicle operators. That means that under law cyclists must obey traffic lights, signal when turning, and comply with stop signs. 

Because automobiles and bicycles are held in the same regard on the road, fault for crashes occurring at crossing points and intersections is usually decided by who had the right of way, the automobile or the bicycle. With that said, other legal considerations can come into play depending on the type of intersection and whether the motorist was turning or continuing through the intersection. Situations like these typically require cyclists to use defensive-cycling techniques to avoid accidents. A bicycle always loses to an automobile, no matter who has the right of way. To avoid liability as a cyclist, make sure to follow vehicle traffic laws. Though you may feel like a pedestrian, you are classified as a vehicle as soon as you get on the roads.