Back and neck injuries can happen in a blink of an eye. One moment, you're fine; the next, you're dealing with pain that affects every aspect of your life. At Shep Law Group, we understand that back and neck injuries can be life-altering. The pain, the inability to move as you once did, and the constant discomfort can affect your life; it's a difficult situation to be in. Know that we're here to help. 

We understand the frustration and fear that comes with such injuries. At Shep Law Group, we're more than just a law firm. We're a team of dedicated legal professionals serving Boise, Meridian, and clients throughout Ada County and Canyon County. With the capacity to handle cases statewide, we're committed to being there for you when you need us most. Our mission is to provide you with the comprehensive legal support you need, delivered with the empathy and understanding you deserve. Reach out to us today for support; we are here for you.  

What Are Common Causes of Back and Neck Injuries? 

Back and neck injuries are often the result of a variety of incidents and accidents. When it comes to personal injury, the following are common causes: 

  • Car Accidents: Sudden impact and jerky movements during a collision can lead to serious whiplash injuries, causing severe pain and discomfort in the neck and back. 

  • Slip and Fall Incidents: Unexpected slips and falls can cause a person to land awkwardly, leading to strains, sprains, or even fractures in the neck or back. 

  • Workplace Accidents: Improper lifting techniques, falls, or accidents involving machinery can cause serious back and neck injuries. 

  • Sports Injuries: Contact sports and high-impact activities frequently lead to injuries in the back and neck. 

  • Medical Malpractice: In some cases, surgical errors, misdiagnoses, or improper treatment can lead to debilitating back and neck injuries. 

These injuries can be difficult to identify due to their often subtle symptoms. Pain may not appear immediately after an accident, and it can sometimes take weeks or even months for the full extent of the injury to become apparent. 



What Are the Possible Recoverable Damages? 

When coping with a back or neck injury, the financial implications can compound the stress and anxiety you may already be experiencing. However, there are several types of damages that you may be eligible to recover, including: 

  • Medical Expenses: These include the cost of hospital stays, doctor visits, physical therapy, medications, assistive devices, and any future medical costs related to the injury. 

  • Lost Wages: If your injury has resulted in time away from work, you may be able to recover damages for the wages you've lost during this period. If your injury impacts your ability to earn in the future, you might also be eligible for damages related to loss of earning capacity. 

  • Pain and Suffering: This can be one of the most significant impacts of a back or neck injury. Damages for pain and suffering compensate for the physical discomfort and emotional distress caused by the injury. 

  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If your injury has resulted in a decreased ability to enjoy the activities and lifestyle you had before the incident, you may be eligible to receive damages for loss of enjoyment of life. 

At Shep Law Group, we are dedicated to supporting you through the challenging times that arise following a back or neck injury. Our team understands the pain, the financial burden, and the emotional distress these injuries cause and are committed to helping you seek the compensation you deserve. Remember, you're not alone in this journey; we're here to guide you every step of the way. 

The Importance of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) 

When dealing with back and neck injuries, timing is crucial, particularly when determining a settlement. It is essential to wait until Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is reached before finalizing any settlement claims.  

MMI refers to the stage when your medical condition has stabilized to the point where no major medical or physical improvement is expected in the future, even with continued treatment or physical therapy. It doesn't signify full recovery but marks the point where further significant recovery is unlikely. This is a critical concept in personal injury cases as it allows a clearer picture of the long-term impacts of the injury, thus ensuring you seek adequate compensation.  

Settling before reaching MMI might result in a settlement that doesn't fully account for future medical costs or changes in your ability to work, which can leave you facing financial hardship down the line. Therefore, reaching MMI is a significant milestone in your recovery and your case. 

What Should I Do If I Feel I May Have a Back or Neck Injury After My Accident? 

First and foremost, seek medical attention. Even if you think the injury is minor, it's crucial to get checked out. There could be more serious underlying injuries that aren't immediately apparent. Plus, when filing an insurance claim, you'll need official documentation of a medical diagnosis. If you wait too long to seek medical attention, some insurance companies might use this delay as evidence that your injury wasn't serious enough to warrant intervention. 


As experienced personal injury attorneys, we at Shep Law Group are here to help you navigate the complexities of your case. We understand the pain, frustration, and fear that come with such injuries. That's why we're committed to providing the legal support you need. Don't face this battle alone—reach out to us today. Let us fight for you.