How to Reduce Business Owner’s Liability in the Winter

Business owners may be liable for accidents during the winter without knowing it. These liabilities could put a company at risk. The following tips may reduce a company’s liability and help protect employees.

  • Lay salt down on sidewalks and pathways. A business can be liable for a person’s injuries from slipping on snow or ice. Make sure sidewalks and pathways are cleared.
  • Shovel the entrance to the building and parking lot. Vehicles struggle to accelerate on icy or snowy roads. Providing a clear and dry entrance allows clients and employees to safely access the business boundaries.
  • Invest in snow plows or snow blowers. Snow removal equipment is effective and shows clients that the company is putting an effort into providing safety for others.
  • Store bags of sand. Sand can be used when a car or truck is stuck. Simply by digging a trail in front or behind the car and then laying down sand, the tires will receive better traction.

For business owners with company vehicles or drivers:

  • Keep emergency set of chains for each vehicle. It is better to have chains and not use them, than to need chains and not have them.
  • Reduce required delivery and driving times.Employee drivers that are pressured to make delivery times are at higher risk of accidents. Accelerating, slowing, and turning take longer in hazardous weather conditions.
  • Reduce the number of trips. Instead of making deliveries on multiple trips, combine deliveries to make fewer trips. This will decrease the time on the roads, and will decrease potential accidents.
  • Provide driving tips for hazardous weather conditions. Taking initiative and informing company drivers about the dangers of driving in hazardous weather conditions will decrease the number of accidents and decrease liability as an owner.

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