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Preparing for Divorce 

Shep Law Group Oct. 6, 2022

A divorce can affect various aspects of your life, including your family, finances, children, property, and future relationships. Due to the psychological toll and extensive legal paperwork involved in a marital dissolution, getting proper guidance is crucial to avoid costly mistakes. An experienced Idaho family law attorney can help prepare you for your divorce and guide you through the legal processes involved. 

At Shep Law Group, we have the diligence and experience to assist and guide individuals and families through the complexities of divorce. Our compassionate attorneys are available to discuss your personal situation, explore your legal options, and help navigate crucial decisions in your divorce. We’re proud to serve clients across Meridian, Boise, Ada County, and Canyon County, Idaho. 

Things to Consider Before Filing 

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, it’s important that you are prepared. You may have many questions, or maybe your future seems overwhelming either way. There are some crucial things to know before you proceed, including other alternatives, the effect on the family, finances, and more. 


Dissolving your marriage is often accompanied by heightened emotions, and the process can be overwhelming. Hence, it is advisable that you seek divorce counseling and support to better understand the reason for the relationship breakdown as well as how to cope with the post-divorce changes. 

The Type of Divorce 

Also, before filing for divorce, you need to explore your various divorce options, including their benefits and drawbacks. The different divorce options in Idaho are mediation, collaborative, contested, and do-it-yourself divorce. 

Financial Readiness 

However, you need to know your financial standing before filing the divorce petition. Find out about your finances and debts. Also, update your budget and separate your financial affairs from that of your soon-to-be ex-partner. This may be a good time to start thinking about retirement. 

Living Situation 

In addition, you should consider the living situation before you file. Depending on the surrounding circumstances of your divorce, you may: 

  • Keep staying in the marital home with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, even after the divorce. 

  • Move out of the marital home until the divorce is finalized. 

  • Refinance the mortgage in your name only. 

  • Buy out the other person – if you have the resources. 

  • Sell the house and divide the equity. 

  • Bird-nesting – a living arrangement where you and your estranged partner will live in the house with the children at different times. 

An experienced Idaho divorce attorney can assess your personal situation and enlighten you about the steps to take when preparing for your divorce. 

Steps to Take to Prepare

for the Divorce Process 

Divorce isn’t an easy choice, and thus, it isn’t a two-step process. The steps you take now will not only help during the divorce process but will also help prepare you for your future.  

Hire a Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney 

Once you have made the decision to divorce (or you have been served divorce papers), the first step is to hire an experienced divorce lawyer. Your attorney can educate you about the Idaho divorce process, help you understand the various divorce options available to you, and guide you through every legal step involved. 

Secure Assets and Accounts  

Division of property is a vital aspect of every Idaho divorce case. Identify and secure your assets and accounts. Take a well-detailed inventory of the assets and property you own individually or together with your estranged partner. These include your marital house, vacation homes, personal belongings, motor vehicles, and household items. In addition, cancel joint accounts, make copies of vital records and documents, and change personal passwords. Also, ensure that you find any hidden income and assets

Gather Personal Information 

What’s more, gather personal details concerning you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Document individual information, proof of residency, marital history, employment information, as well as information about your kids. 

Assess Financial Situation 

As previously mentioned, you need to know your financial standing. Find out what you have, what you owe, and what you’ll need. To assess your financial situation, you may need to collect all financial details and records, including your assets, property, bank account statements, and debts. 

Collect Legal Documents 

Lastly, collect legal documents such as insurance policies, tax returns, end-of-life plans, estate planning documents, and business records. Make copies of all records and legal documentation with your personal information on them. 

When preparing for and navigating your divorce proceedings, you need to get legal representation, support, and advocacy from a skilled family law attorney. Your legal counsel can guide you through every phase of the divorce process from start to finish and determine the best way to protect your family’s best interests, finances, and future. 

Getting Guidance from a Family Law Attorney 

Filing for divorce in Idaho usually involves a lot of complex processes. With sensitive emotions, it is easier to make irreversible mistakes without detailed guidance. Therefore, when considering a divorce, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is paramount for dedicated advocacy and to help protect your family’s best interests. 

Our attorneys at Shep Law Group have devoted their careers to guiding clients in family law and divorce-related matters. As your legal counsel, we can educate you about the vital things to consider before filing for divorce. In addition, our skilled legal team can help file your petition and work diligently with every party involved to settle divorce matters – including property division, alimony, child support, child custody, and parenting time – amicably and quickly. 

Contact Shep Law Group today to schedule a simple consultation with trusted divorce attorneys. Our experienced legal team can enlighten you about how to prepare for a divorce and help you make your transition as seamless as possible. We proudly serve individuals and families across Boise, Meridian, Ada County, Canyon County, and other areas throughout the state of Idaho.